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At, our goals are simple - to develop a useful resource for residents and visitors to find businesses in the Town of Miami Lakes. In order for this guide to be useful, it must have a significant level of participation from the area businesses. Obviously the more business that are listed, the better it will be for the consumers.

To facilitate the acceptance of this online guide by area businesses, we have entitled all businesses within Miami Lakes to a free basic listing, with the business name, plaza location and type of business. Also, we have priced our added value services to provide several options to the business owner - from very simple to very complex, while still keeping costs very reasonable. Please contact us to discuss your needs as we can customize a package to your exclusive needs.

Online Link with One Page

Our online link provides one page within our web site to list basic information about your business, such as address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. We will include 1 digital photo and include your logo, scanned from existing materials. We can also provide an email link to your existing personal or business email address.

The cost is only $5 per month, or $50 for an entire year. This site should be well within the budget of any business, and we expect it will be the minimum level of participation for most businesses. Your direct business page link will be:

Enhanced Online Link with Entire Site

This enhanced online link provides a special indicator on the business listings to indicate that detailed information is available. Upon clicking on your business link, a new window will appear with an entire web site devoted to your business. This is a separate, complete website that stands alone and can be advertised independently as well. You can customize it to the needs of your particular business. This option provides a unique domain name for your business, such as (subject to availability), and even gives you your own email server with up to 10 users, so your email can be personalized, such as This is an excellent option for a business that is looking to establish its own Internet presence. In this scenario, serves as a portal that will help bring visitors to your site, easing the burden on you to constantly advertise and promote your site online.

The cost for this is only $15 per month. The design fee for this option depends on the complexity of the site you wish to develop, however our basic package includes up to 8 web pages, domain registration for 2 years, email address setup and/or forwarding, and design services. Pricing for the 8 page package is as low as $250.

Enhanced Online Links w/ Full E-Commerce Sites

If you are looking to get into a full-blown E-commerce site where you can take orders online in a secure environment, we can also provide this service. Similar to our regular sites, these stand alone sites provide excellent value while adding a secure server and secure form handling abilities.

The cost for this type of site is only $25 per month - a real bargain for a e-commerce site offering. Our design fees start at $350, including the features listed above, a secure server digital certificate for 1 year, and secure order processing. 

Enhanced Link to an Existing Site

If you already have your own website, this is the option for you. We can provide a simple link to your site, with the special indicator that shows that detailed information is available for your business. This option allows you to participate in the directory while not having to have 2 different sources on information about your business.

The cost for this is only $5 per month, or $50 for an entire year. If you wish, we can transfer your existing site to our servers and consolidate your online presence an probably save you money.

Banner Advertising

We offer a variety of banner advertising opportunities for you to deliver your message to visitors in a targeted method. Our pricing is attractive and we can do the design of your banner for you. For more information, please contact us by email